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Home Data Networks

In today’s modern home lots of products require Data transfer and access to the internet. A lot of new products have wireless capability, however with large houses and wireless interference the performance can be very poor which affects your experience.

In regards to Audio Visual products, almost everything now heavily relies on an Internet connection, used for content and updating firmware. Be it a Smart TV connected to TV on demand or an Audio streaming system playing the latest chart hits.

A hard wired home network is by far the best solution. It provides the fastest, most reliable connection and rarely suffers from interference. If your internet connection is adequate and a hard-wired network is in place with the correct equipment, smooth streamed video playback and uninterrupted music listening is standard.

With a wired network you also have the ability to add further products in order to create a very strong wireless network. Some of today’s products such as smart phones and media tablets do not have the facility for a hard wired connection so it is also useful to ensure these products work all over your home.

Here at Lasyl we have a team of experts who can offer advice on a spectrum of solutions ranging from how to improve wireless coverage across your property, to an entire wired and wireless system to cover every eventuality. We have a range of specialist products not available on the high street. These have been tried and tested on a multitude of projects, and we are confident in their excellent performance and reliability.