LED & Plasma televisions


Supreme Audio-Video Solution



Television has been at the core of Lasyl Audio Visual since we were established over thirty years ago. We have been providing and advising customers on their home entertainment needs through a period of immense change in the audio-visual world. Thirty years ago we were hiring VHS video tapes, and today we are advising clients on media streaming via broadband connections.

There is a wide choice of televisions on the market and we understand our role is to provide the right television for the right person.

Everyone has different viewing habits, whether it’s large or small, Full HD or 4K, we have something for every household! Our in-store and engineering teams have a wealth of knowledge, allowing us to provide the best advice for your home. The team will also make sure that each customer is able to use the equipment that we provide, allowing you to get the best out of it.

We install and deliver TVs in Sheen, Richmond, Barnes, Putney and the local counties, making the whole experience with us seamless.

Panasonic & Samsung Independent Specialist

Lasyl have been an independent specialist for Panasonic and Samsung for a number of years now, we stock all of the latest models and have access to an array of televisions throughout each of the ranges. Our showroom displays models from 22″ – 75″ screens but we can get them bigger!