Panasonic 4K TV Entry-class displays with a simple design

Panasonic EQ1 Series displays were designed with simplicity of installation, set-up and control in mind and are ideal for shopping centres, showrooms, meeting rooms and classrooms.

Panasonic has released a new range of 4K professional displays, with a six model series providing high picture quality, flexible usage, and easy installation. The entry class displays range from 43in to 86in with portrait and landscape capabilities, each outputting at 350cd/sq m brightness.

Slim and stylish, the 4K range combines high image quality with a narrow bezel (between 11.9 to 15.2mm), maximising the screen area in relation to the display’s physical size.

The displays are ideal for shopping centres, showrooms, meeting rooms and classrooms, providing high colour quality and various functions for flexible usage. The two largest panels (the 86in and 75in) feature In-Plane Switching technology, which maintains colour accuracy and clear visibility when the screen is viewed off-axis.

To support the latest 4K and Full HD video content and increase connectivity, all the displays have two HDCP 2.2-compliant HDMI terminals to play DRM-protected content, while non-4K sources are also automatically compensated to improve the quality of the image. Like all displays in this series, the EQ1 features a VESA-compliant mount with a HDMI-CEC function which enables the remote control of the unit to interlock control between different devices. The input detection function also helps to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency in collaboration and meeting rooms with smooth input switching and automated connect and disconnect available.

“The design focus for the EQ1 Series, was to simplify the installation, set-up, and control of the displays,” said Hartmut Kulessa, marketing manager at Panasonic. “Each has simple signage mode with an in-built USB media player that displays 4K and Full HD without the need for external cables or a Set-top Box. This allows synchronised playback on multiple devices via USB and LAN, with the additional option to set a timer for easier signage scheduling, powering the device on and off.”

Single or multiple displays can be monitored and controlled using Panasonic Multi-Monitoring & Control Software. This free software includes basic control capabilities, but it’s possible to expand its functionality by using Early Warning Software for networked displays. With failover and failback, the system will also switch to alternate signals if the main video and audio is disrupted, with a return to the main signal once it’s restored. This increases the reliability with easy set up and safe operation, making it well suited to retail, schools, and offices.

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