The new Denon AVRX3500H in What Hi-Fi

Have a look at this fantastic review for the new Denon AVRX3500H in What Hi-Fi…

What Hi-Fi have given the AV Receiver 5 stars and state there is NOTHING against the product at its price point and gave a final verdict of “Denon appears to have its route to continued success figured out. Its extensive listening tests, as it makes those annual tweaks to its home cinema amplifiers, are clearly a fruitful guide.

In terms of both features and performance, the AVR-X3500H nudges a little further ahead of its predecessor. And that is another credit to Denon.”

he fundamentals remain the same – the AVR-X3500H is a 7.2 channel amp, with two of the channels assignable as either surround back or for height, making use of Dolby AtmosDTS:X and DTS Virtual:X technologies.

Physical connections are similar to those on last year’s model, the AVR-X3400H, with eight HDMI inputs and three outputs, each capable of 4K HDR pass-through. Denon has also added a phono input.

In line with the company’s desire to progress this range from home cinema amps to a home entertainment hub, the major additions to this year’s feature list are Alexa Voice Control and Apple AirPlay2. The amp can also be a hub for a HEOS multi-room set-up.

Under the bonnet, the changes are consistent with Denon’s little-and-often approach to upgrading parts. The company has revealed that the DAC, DSP, power transformer, block capacitors and mechanics have remained unchanged, though they were already at a high level for the price.

Instead, Denon has focused on bettering the surrounding parts, making component changes to the pre-amplifier power supply, power amplifier and DAC circuit. These changes have led to marginal, but effective, gains in the amplifier’s overall performance.

Set-up is guided by the on-board Audyssey software, which is still one of the most accurate, speedy and easy-to-use system we’ve come across. It takes us step-by-step through speaker configuration and automated level adjustments.

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